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Isola Pro FX

 ·  Source: Lakeside Audio


Lakeside Audio has introduced a very interesting plug-in that if its marketing is to believed seems to work almost fabulously for isolating different instruments from finished songs. Using modern psychoacoustic knowledge and algorithms, Isola Pro FX is able to deal with vocals, instruments, drums, and other sounds that are difficult or impossible to properly isolate by conventional means.


The developers admit that the quality of results depends on the type of material you are working with — thus, it won’t exactly cut it on very dense and noisy mixes with a ton of stuff going on. While you probably won’t be able to pull stuff out of Skinny Puppy and Death Grips’ tunes, Isola Pro FX seems to work better on less challenging music.

The existence of such a tool is a blessing for sampling, recording and practicing cover versions of songs, or rolling your own multi-tracks to tinker with. That’s not all there is to it, though – Isola Pro FX is able to create filter effects or to be used as a MIDI-capable synth by importing snippets of songs.

Price & availability

Isola Pro FX costs EUR 179, with a free demo version available for download. The demo works for 10-minute sessions until the output is silenced. The MIDI and drum mix modes are disabled as well. At the moment, Isola Pro FX is available for 64-bit Windows systems in VST3 format. iOS and VST 2.4 format versions can be had upon request from the developer.

Check out the demo video below and head to the product page for more information and seeing the plug-in in action!


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