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Vanflet Station 1

Vanflet Station 1  ·  Source: Vanflet

Vanflet is a fairly young company from France and its new Vanflet Station 1 is a valve-based 40-Watt amp-in-a-pedal box. Vanflet has launched it using the tagline, “The future of guitar amps”. Er, really?

Vanflet Station 1

The Station 1 is a fusion of a tube preamp and 40-Watt amplifier in a compact pedal format. The preamp is based around an ECC81 tube , then it goes to the two-band equalization. You also have an onboard reverb , which you can activate with the foot switch. Then there’s Volume and Master controls – and that’s all there is to it.

Rear Panel

But it gets more interesting when you look at the back, housing all sorts of connections and switches. In addition to the global on/off there is an additional power switch for the power amplifier and a small switch for the Cab Sim. Outputs include speaker output, FX loop, headphones and an XLR balanced line out.

Vanflet Station 1 rear panel

Vanflet Station 1 rear panel

“The future of guitar amps”

I don’t know if I could agree with this bold statement. And it really does not help that the information available on this product is minimal, at best. I’d like to know far more about the build quality, components and the Station 1 as a whole.

Yes, it is interesting and having a compact amp is always useful, especially when you are gigging. But I’m not sure that this unit is the future of guitar amps. Come on Vanflet, give us some more details on the product and its circuit design!

Don’t get me wrong, this could be a great product. But with little to go on, I will have to reserve judgement until I hear some demos from users of this new amp. For now, you can check out the two official demo videos below.

RRP – EUR 550

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That really doesn’t sound that good.

Dirk Diggler

Sounds like it’s just pushing the preamp tube hard. Not impressed, especially for the cost of the unit.


Yeah, I can’t see buying something that sounds like this.

amit dhar

i htink He has the cab sim off or something