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Dr Z CAZ-45 head  ·  Source: Dr Z


Dr Z and Carol-Ann Amps have collaborated on this exciting 45-Watt all-tube head. The CAZ-45 comes with a cathode-biased 6L6-based power section and judging by the demos available it sounds fabulous, with plenty of snap and a range of great tones. Let’s take a closer look! 



The new CAZ-45 head is hand-wired and assembled in Cleveland, Ohio and is sold with a matching 2×12 cabinet. The amplifier is the brainchild of Dr Z and Carol-Ann Amps, adding amp designer Alan Phillips’ penchant for high-gain amps to Dr Z’s approach. As far as I am aware, this is the first time Dr Z has made a high-gain amp, so we can put that flavour down to the Carol-Ann influence, whose amps have been played by the likes of Anthrax.

This new amp head is a cathode-biased 6L6 power tube head with four preamp tubes, made up of three 12AX7s and one 12DW7. The output is rated at 45 Watts, so this tube amp is powerful enough to blow your head off with.

CAZ-45 guitar amp head

CAZ-45 guitar amp head and matching 2×12 cabinet · Source: Dr Z

Gain, Sensitivity and Aggression

The controls consist of VolumePresence, Bass, Mid and Treble, plus a three-dial gain section that includes Gain, Sensitivity and Aggression. The Sensitivity control seems to be inherited from the Carl-Ann amps, where it was used it to handle a range of different pickup outputs. Lower settings are used for hot and active pickups, making them tighten up. Set higher, the control will beef up lower output single coils. The Aggression dial is an overdrive control, so if you need to cut through more and want tighter lows, with cutting high end, dial it in using this aptly named control knob.


The matching 2×12 slant cabinet is loaded with a pair of  Celestion Creamback M65 and Vintage 30 speakers. In the demo video below this new CAZ-45 sounds very tasty indeed – I think I want one!

RRP – CAZ-45 head USD 2499 or head/matching 2×12 cabinet USD 3348

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