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The Neumann MT-48 now offers immersive audio support!

The Neumann MT-48 now offers immersive audio support!  ·  Source: Neumann

Neumann MT 48

MT 48  ·  Source: Neumann

Neumann MT 48 rear view.

Connectivity.  ·  Source: Neumann


As of February, a new firmware update will be available for the Neumann MT 48. This allows immersive audio support for mixing and mastering.

In time for NAMM 2024, the pioneering audio manufacturer, Neumann, announced that the MT 48’s next firmware update will bring immersive audio features to this innovative interface.

UPDATE: The Neumann MT 48 now offers immersive audio support!

This new functionality comes in the form of a new feature called Monitor Mission. Here, mixing and mastering engineers will benefit from the compatibility with both 5.1 surround and Dolby Atmos 7.1.4.

According to Neumann, Monitor Mission turns the MT 48 into a flexible monitoring controller. The feature allows you to make precise adjustments to the “frequency and time domain characteristics of loudspeakers” according to your listening position.

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In addition, there are features for low-end management, as well as advanced alignment controls. Of course, the extended functionality is dependent on the MT 48’s extensive connectivity options.

With the expansion of an additional ADAT converter, the MT 48 allows for 7.1.4 monitoring capabilities. What’s more, the AES67 connectivity allows you to like the MT 48 with a Merging Hapi MKII or AES67 Neumann studio monitors for almost endless channel counts.

The Monitor Mission turns the MT 48 into an immersive audio interface! This makes the MT 48 virtually unrivaled – with the exception of its sister product, the Merging Anubis, where the Monitor Mission has already proven itself in countless professional setups. Users can therefore be sure that they are getting a perfect solution. In addition, the MT 48’s extended connectivity compared to the Anubis makes immersive solutions even more flexible and affordable for studios of all sizes. With its integrated AES67 support and class-compliant USB IO, the MT 48 is the perfect interface for easy integration.”

Stephan Mauer, Head of Product at Neumann

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The Neumann MT 48 Desktop Interface

The new MT 48 interface was designed in collaboration with Merging Technologies and seems to have been partly inspired by the Anubis interface which was launched a few years back. With a similar-looking form factor and touchscreen interface, the MT 48 offers the same AES67/RAVENNA support via Ethernet.

From the offset, the MT-48 is a 32-bit 192 kHz USB interface with 12 inputs and 16 outputs. DSP processing features provide you with dynamics and EQ processing on every channel as well as reverb.

The digital mixer is easy to operate via the touchscreen interface, and the dual output technology allows simultaneous Pre and Post-FX recording.

On the front panel, the MT-48 has two independent headphones outs and a pair of line/instrument inputs for easy access. In addition, connectivity on the rear panel includes ADAT / S/PDIF Optical I/O, Ethernet, and GPIO / MIDI I/O.

What’s more, there are two separate USB-C ports for power and data transfer respectively. Overall, the MT 48 offers versatility with a compact design and built-in mic stand mount. Meanwhile, you’re surely getting what you’re paying for as far as audio quality goes.

Pricing and availability:

Monitor Mission is included in the new MT 48 firmware update released next month. If you register your MT 48 interface before July 1, you’ll receive a free Monitor Mission activation key,

The MT 48 is now available for pre-order from Thomann.

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Neumann MT 48
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The Neumann MT-48 now offers immersive audio support!

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10 responses to “The Neumann MT 48 now offers immersive audio support!”

    SA says:

    Love it! I’m not in the market for an interface currently, but that’s pretty much what I’d be looking for if I were.

    Anthony says:

    Who is this meant for? $2000 for an interface with very few I/O, unremarkable specifications and some silly features that aren’t useful to anyone serious about mixing.

    I can’t think of a less useful or intuitive way to adjust an EQ than with a laggy, tiny touch screen. UAD are starting to smarten up and move away from SHARC chips because they’ve been outdated for the last 7 years and can’t compete with peoples desire for native plugins. Even this, the DSP on this doesn’t compete with UAD’s, it offers nothing new.

    This is more expensive than an RME Fireface but worse in every measurable way. I just don’t understand the demographic at all. This is an $800 interface at absolute maximum. When you’re in the high end price category with decidedly average anything, who are you expecting to buy this?

      Listener says:

      Unremarkable specs? You should read again…

      Ab. says:

      Possibly…. but 2000$ 2×4 interfaces aren’t unheard of.

      We should wait for actual scientific measurements before judging it. I feel that the target market for this are people obsessed with converters and preamp quality (rather the DSP or the screen).

      One can argue it doesn’t make sense to always want more and more precision… but it’s also something studios advertise to get clients so…

    Jonathan says:

    So basically an Audient id24 with a gimmicky screen that no one will use over their regular mouse, but for over four times the cost? Yeah, no thanks.

      Ab. says:

      What’s crazy to me is that people understand why a Ferrari is more expensive than a Ford, despite serving the exact same function.

      But when it comes to electronics they assume that everything serving the same functions should cost the same

      Good converters and good preamps are expensive. Good component are expensive. Good QA is (very) expensive.

      That’s it. It shouldn’t be so hard to understand and yet we have the same comments under every single highend hardware

      (and yeah, entry level hardware have gotten so good that they are enough for most people)

    Andrew says:

    This is being improperly marketed as an interface. Actually it’s a full featured digital audio mixer, with expandable I/O that can be controlled remotely …that also functions as an interface. Similar mixers are in the same price range. The original Anubis this is based on is priced at over $2,000.

    Paolo says:

    It’s a rebrand, to call things their name

    Jayneziss says:

    the Apple kind of marketing is not good for all device
    agressive price just to show a silly prestige won’t permit the brand to compete with others company. you need to think twice cause you have much more music creator and interfaces users than before … with 500$ they would made more money than with their 2K$ .

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