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IK has been making iOS-compatible audio and MIDI interfaces for a while but you only have to look at what most people actually own to see that the market is moving towards multi-device support being more and more of a draw factor for audio and MIDI gear. Ideally, nobody really wants to have to buy one interface for their computer and another for their tablet. Or if they do, they at least want to be able to use each one more flexibly.

The iRig Pro DUO is a two-channel audio interface that looks insanely portable but also provides phantom power and has a 24-bit AD-DA converter built in. It can power from batteries so as not to drain your portable device, over USB from a computer or using an optional power supply. You get USB, Lightning and micro USB cables thrown in and the box actually works with iOS, OS X, Windows and Android, so this really would seem to be a device for everyone.

MIDI is catered for too via the included mini TRS to MIDI jack cables and this is important because often in a device this small you’d get audio or MIDI but not both. Remarkably you also get direct monitoring as well as a headphone amp with level control, which should eliminate the annoying latency problems that can occur with smaller, portable interfaces.

Since IK makes a load of software as well, they throw in some extra goodies, most of which can be downloaded after registering your hardware, which is how the company tends to do things. You get four extra add-ons for Amplitube Free and an extra piano model for iGrand Piano Free on mobile devices. On your Mac or PC there’s six extra free instrument collections for Sampletank 3, and a bunch of other bits and pieces.


iRig Pro DUO will cost EUR 199.99 and you can find out more about it here.



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