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ibanez ftm33 meshuggah

Ibanez FTM33 Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah's new signature 8-String model  ·  Source:


The new Ibanez Fredrik Thordendal’s Signature model has been leaked online! Someone has uploaded a copy of the Ibanez 2017 product catalogue with all the details of this brand new signature 8-string guitar – and rest of the maker’s whole 2017 line-up!


Ibanez 2017 Lineup leaked

Well, we knew that Ibanez had new signature models lined up for 2017, we just weren’t sure exactly what to expect – and this new Ibanez FTM33 Fredrik Thordendal signature model looks a blast to play! It’s an 8-string behemoth of an instrument and looks like it was made to Djent!

But seriously, this new guitar should make many Meshuggah fans very happy, as its extended range will enable them to achieve the heady heights (or should that be lows?) of the band’s sound. So if you are in the market for an 8-string, you may want to wait until NAMM next week for the official announcement on this new model.


Of course, there is nothing ‘official’ from Ibanez just yet, but if you check out the picture below taken from the leaked Ibanez 2017 catalogue then you can read the basic information on the FTM33.

It looks to be a 7-piece maple/walnut 27″ scale length through-neck design with ash wings for the main body. The neck is reinforced with titanium rods and has a rosewood fretboard with jumbo frets. Perfect for heavy riffage, then.a


The hardware has been kept all in black, with an Edge III-8 hardtail bridge. The guitar has a Weathered Black finish. It looks a little like an extended Reverse Firebird like design. I really like the overall vibe of the instrument.

This machine is loaded with a set of Lundgren Model M8P signature pickups and tuned to D#,A#,F#,G#,D#,A#,F# from the factory; I can imagine it will sound immense! I kind of want to try one, although I suck at playing 7-String, let alone 8-String guitar!

Find out more on the leaked Ibanez 2017 Catalogue here


Ibanez FTM33 Fredrik Thordendal

Leaked Ibanez 2017 catalogue featuring the FTM33 Frederik Thordendal 8-String · Source:


ibanez ftm33 meshuggah

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2 responses to “Ibanez FTM33 Meshuggah signature model guitar leaked!”

    Thom says:

    He had one of these 8s and a 6 string in Korina made by Ibanez’s custom shop a while ago.
    I’m hoping Ibby will release the 6er sometime in the future, especially in the korina or natural ash.

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