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HoRNet Plugins L3012 Bass Channel

HoRNet Plugins L3012 Bass Channel  ·  Source: HoRNet Plugins

HoRNet Plugins has released L3021, a channel strip plug-in specifically for bass. With a tube preamp, bass boost, transient shaper, EQ and compressor, L3012 combines all the essential bass effects in one plug-in.


HoRNet Plugins L3012 Bass Channel

According to HoRNet Plugins, the L3021 Bass Channel plug-in was developed with one goal in mind: making a bass sound good in the studio and on stage. It was created in collaboration with Italian bass player Lusi.

The signal path begins with an input section with PAD and phase reversal, followed by an emulation of an analog tube preamp, which you can overdrive for added grit. Then comes a bass boost section for added low end punch, and a transient shaper. The latter brings out the attack and pick sound of the bass for a more clearly defined sound.

You then get an extensive equalizer section with high pass and low pass filters, a low shelf, high shelf and a fully parametric mid band. Finally, the plug-in includes an emulation of a classic VCA compressor that’s a popular choice for bass, most likely a dbx 160.

According to HoRNet Plugins, L3012 improves CPU efficiency by employing what the company calls “intelligent oversampling”. The plug-in automatically adjusts oversampling (up to 4x) depending on the sampling rate of the DAW project. The vector-based GUI uses hardware acceleration, so it doesn’t use up precious CPU resources.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for electric bass, L3012 seems like a well laid-out, cost-efficient collection of all the essential effects.

Price and compatibility

The HoRNet Plugins L3012 Bass Channel is now available for €29.99. If you’d like to try it first, you can download a demo version from the developer’s website.

The plug-in runs on macOS 10.11 or higher (M1 supported) and Windows 7 or higher in AU, VST, VST3 and AAX formats (64 bit only).

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