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HoRNet AnalogStage MK2

HoRNet AnalogStage MK2  ·  Source: HoRNet Plugins


HoRNet Plugins has released AnalogStage MK2. The plug-in simulates circuits found in analog mixing desks to bring the sound of the golden age of recording to your channels and buses. Choose from different flavors of saturation, apply some hiss and filtering, and adjust the age of the virtual circuit to your liking. In addition, several instances of the plug-in can be linked across different channels of your DAW for a complete console experience.


HoRNet Plugins AnalogStage MK2

The inexpensive console emulation plug-in AnalogStage first appeared in 2016. Besides an updated GUI, the new MK2 version adds some new features for an even bigger palette of console sounds.

Just like the first edition, AnalogStage MK2 offers emulations of three types of components: op-amps, tubes, and transistors. Just pick your favorite era of console design and dial in the desired amount of saturation. Furthermore, a new Mic mode adds 20 dB of gain for heavier distortion. You can even adjust the age of the components to simulate effects like drying condensers, which can obviously affect the sound of an analog console as it ages over time.


To add to the authenticity of the emulation, AnalogStage MK2 offers a hiss button that simulates the slight background noise of analog circuits. The new version allows you to dial in the precise amount of hiss you’d like. Finally, other improvements include a pair of filters and a stereo VU meter calibrated to -18 dBFS.

In case you’d like to simulate a full console by adding the plug-in to several or all channels and buses of your DAW project, AnalogStage MK2 offers a link feature across several instances of the plug-in. You can use each instance independently or link them in groups of eight or globally. The plug-in also lets you set the linking mode independently for various parameters.

Like its predecessor, AnalogStage MK2 looks like an inexpensive console emulation plug-in that still packs a nice set of features like analog component tolerance emulation.

Price and compatibility

HoRNet AnalogStage MK2 is now available for €19.99. The plug-in runs on macOS 10.11 or higher (including Apple Silicon) and Windows Vista or higher (64 bit). It’s available in AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats.

More information about AnalogStage MK2

HoRNet AnalogStage MK2

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