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HiWatt Fuzz King and Octafuzz

HiWatt Fuzz King and Octafuzz  ·  Source: HiWatt

Gary Hurst is the inventor of the legendary Tone Bender Fuzz pedals from the 1970s, and has now developed two pedals for Hiwatt, the Octafuzz and Fuzz King. 


This is housed in a large, solid-looking housing, reminiscent of today’s Moogerfooger pedals, just without wooden sides. It has two separate footswitches for Fuzz and Octave. Three controls are on the top, labelled Fuzz Sustain, Output and Filter. The octave is only switched on or stays off, but has no controls of its own, which to be fair is probably all it actually needs anyway.

Gary Hurst

Gary Hurst has been designing fuzz boxes for quite some time…

Fuzz King

The Fuzz King comes with controls for Volume, Filter Hi/Lo and Fuzz Sustain. The sound will likely be authentic and akin to the old CBS/Arbiter, Meazzi UFO and Gary’s own “Electronic Sounds” pedal brands of the ’70s. I would suggest you check out the video below for an idea of what to expect from this one.

Price and market launch

Unfortunately, there are no official prices for the two pedals at the time of writing. Since they are all hand-crafted by Gary Hurst and made in the British Hiwatt Custom Shop, they will not be a cheap, so expect boutique prices. We don’t expect to see the delivery of either pedal before at least May.

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Gary Stewart Hurst

This is not my vintage Fuzz King in the video in the HIWATT pedal news release.