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Guitar Jo Kickstarter

Guitar Jo affixes to your guitar to help you emulate a banjo like tone  ·  Source: Guitar Jo/Kickstarter


The Guitar Jo is a new product looking for your backing on Kickstarter. Due to the resurgence of interest in the banjo since bands like Mumford and Sons, this guitar-friendly gadget seeks to get you the tone without having to go out and buy a real one!


Duelling Banjos

The Guitar Jo is a relatively simple device that you affix to your guitar and will fit any instrument that has a flat top, like a Telecaster or an SG for example, but unfortunately, it won’t affix to an arch topped guitar like a Les Paul.

The idea is well thought out and does indeed give you a familiar banjo-like tone, without you having to go out and purchase an actual banjo.

I think if you need this type of sound then this could well be a neat solution, as it looks easy for you to setup and use on your guitar, and it sounds relatively convincing as well. Though, I am not sure how it stacks up against the real deal.


The projected cost is around 45 USD via the Kickstarter page if they reach their goal of $25000, so pretty reasonable and not overpriced.

I reckon these could be a lot of fun and will give you some new tones to play with, which is never a bad thing. It seems to be a week of guitars and gadgets that make your guitar sound like something else, especially after the Marrakesh guitar earlier this week and the official release this week of the new Fender Ed O’Brien of Radiohead signature Stratocaster with built-in sustainer pickup system, that we wrote about back in July this year. Looks like all you alternative noisemakers have plenty of cool new guitar things to play with!

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Guitar Jo Kickstarter

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