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Google Guitar Tuner  ·  Source: Google


Google Guitar Tuner is the latest update to the search engine and allows anyone with internet access (and a microphone) to tune their instruments. Out of tune? No problem, just Google it!


Google Guitar Tuner

Google’s latest addition to its search engine allows guitarists to keep their 6-strings in tune, with the handy built-in Google Guitar Tuner tool. Yes, now you can literally Google yourself in tune! So if you are woefully out of whack with your band’s tuning, just Google it!


Google’s browser-based Guitar Tuner

Cross Platform

Thankfully, the chromatic tuner app is cross-platform, which means whether you are a Mac, PC, Android, iOS, or whatever user, you have no excuse not to be in tune anymore. All you really require is an internet connection and a built-in microphone on the device you are browsing on, and off you go.

Obviously, the best accuracy will be achieved by plugging in directly. Still, most smartphone microphones should do an adequate job of picking up your guitar strings. And since the tuner is chromatic, it should therefore handle most basic guitar tunings with no major hassle.

Although I doubt this tuner will replace dedicated apps on your smartphone, I think the idea is a good one and could get you out of a pinch, if you have internet access. Nice one Google!

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