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Dillon Bastan Swarmalators T and Cellular Degradation

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We stumbled upon two excellent freebies for Ableton Live Suite or Live with Max for Live users. You can now download two new Max for Live Devices – Swarmalators T and Cellular Degradation – for free! Both are made by Max developer Dillon Bastan.

Max for Live developer Dillon Bastan contributed six very interesting effects and instruments for sound designers to the recently released Ableton Live 11 package. He has now expanded his portfolio with a new synthesizer and effect that you can download from his site for free. Pretty cool!

Swarmalators T and Cellular Degradation

Swarmalators T is a synthesizer based on a “Swarmalators” model. This type of sound generation is quite complex (more information can be found here). It employs synchronised dynamic movement of a ‘swarm’ of oscillators which generates a very lively sound, with lots of dynamics. A very useful tool if you’re into sound design. The graphic design is also very nice.

Cellular Degradation, as the name suggests, is an audio degrader with a life of its own. The idea behind it is predictably complex – it’s about the interplay of cellular automation and a polyphonic tone generator, creating interesting noises for experimental musicians. Bastan explains the procedure very clearly in one of the videos below.

Prices and dates

You can download the Swarmalators T and Cellular Degradation from the developer’s Gumroad page in the link below. Note that the price is determined by you, so if you choose to, you can download them for free. But if you decide to support the developer, it would mean he can invest more of his time in further creations. The Max for Live Devices require an installed Ableton Live version 10 (or higher) and Max for Live (which is included in Ableton Live Suite).

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One response to “Get the Dillon Bastan Swarmalators T & Cellular Degradation Max for Live Devices for free!”

  1. Out Of Hive says:

    There’s a free swarm synth on Plugins4Free, put there a few years ago. These Max4Live utils are great fun, producing some crazy noises that you can’t really get any other way. I imagine they’d be useful to sound designers, those who like glitch sounds in their music or something original for ‘end of phrase’ noises. These are great.

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