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SSL X-Delay

Get over 80% off the SSL X-Delay.


Until January 5, you can get over 80% off the SSL X-Delay plugin. This high-quality four-tap delay effect.


Inspired by the era where classics like the TC Electronic 2290 and the Lexicon PCM 42 ruled the racks, the X-Delay is designed to create anything from polyrhythmic delay loops to lush modulated moving soundscapes.

The X-Delay can be used to process vocals, guitars, synths, and any individual sounds in your mix that need more drama and dimensionality to them.

What features does the SSL X-Delay have?

Each of the four delay taps has individual parameters for controlling level, panning, and ping pong amount. In addition, you can sync taps with even, dotted, or triplet divisions and add swing to lock the feel to the groove of your track.

X-Delay is extremely versatile, with features like MULTIPLIER that allows you to edit all the delay steps at once. This gives you precise control when creating dynamic delay washes and feedback loops.

You also have the power to colour the sound with modulation, saturation, and spatial character. The Diffuse control introduces reverberation, starting with a small plate and expanding from there.

With the LP/HP filters, M/S width, De-ess, and mix controls, you can really sculpt the effect to fit the creative application you’re using it for. This makes the X-Delay useful in music or as a more cinematic sound design tool.


For EDM producers, you can easily create dramatic delay rises and drops with the freeze and kill functions.

Overall, it’s a plug-in that goes beyond the scope of being a vintage-modeled effects unit and becomes instantly synonymous with modern DAW workflows.

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SSL Native X-Delay Download
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SSL X-Delay

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