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SSL Fusion Vintage Drive

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Until October 10th, you can get the SSL Fusion Vintage Drive plug-in at an 80% discount. A drive/saturation processor that can be used on your master out, or on almost any individual channel within your DAW.


Based on the Vintage Drive feature from the SSL Fusion hardware processor, the plug-in introduces harmonics in the same musical way. The difference is that software provides a great deal of flexibility, whereas the hardware unit is not completely modular although it does have inserts.

How to use the SSL Fusion Vintage Drive

The interface is simple, but the inclusion of the mix control is the key to the versatility of the Vintage Drive when used as an in-line processor. Whether you dial the drive and density in subtly or more aggressively, the mix knob allows you to blend the dry and processed signal according to the purpose you’re using it for in the mix.


It could be individual channels such as drum overheads or backing vocals, processing the drum or vocal bus, or even the entire mix. The Vintage Drive is also effective when used as a parallel processor in your auxiliary effects chains. With aggressive drive and saturation settings, it can act like a soft limiter and offers even more control when used with an EQ placed either pre or post-effect.

When used in conjunction with the input and output trim knobs, the Auto Gain feature is another powerful tool for maintaining the dynamics of a signal while adding coloration. This makes it easy to hear what the plug-in is actually doing, especially when combined with the internal A-B comparison tool and preset manager.

Pricing and availability:

The SSL Fusion Vintage Drive is available from Thomann at a price of $32.20 until October 10th.

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SSL Fusion Vintage Drive Download
SSL Fusion Vintage Drive Download
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SSL Fusion Vintage Drive

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