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Save 85% with the SSL Fusion Plugin Sale for a Limited Time Only!

Save 85% with the SSL Fusion Plugin Sale for a Limited Time Only!  ·  Source: SSL


Until November 7, you can get up to 85% off with the SSL Fusion Plugin Sale, with discounts on the plugin series modeled on the popular SSL Fusion hardware bus processor.


The Fusion is a versatile processor that features 6 different processing circuits, providing EQ, compression, saturation, as well as imaging capabilities. So you can use it to process individual instruments, groups, or your entire mix.

SSL Fusion Plugin Sale

The SSL Fusion series is a collection of 5 plug-ins that bring the various aspects of the Fusion processor to your DAW. Let’s take a closer look at each one and find out how you can save. Remember, the sale is only running until November 7, so act fast!


As the name suggests, the Fusion Transformer gives you access to the Fusion’s transformer circuitry in plug-in format. Add analogue character and emphasize the harmonics of any signal, with a great deal of control.

Fusion Transformer

SSL Fusion Transformer

Violet EQ

The Violet EQ plug-in provides two parametric controls, each with 4 selectable frequency bands. In addition, there’s a high-pass filter with 3 selectable frequency bands and a FAT function to introduce more low-end when the HPF is active.

Fusion Violet EQ

SSL Fusion Violet EQ

HF Compressor

The Fusion HF Compressor can control your dynamics in the high-frequency range with an adjustable threshold, variable crossover frequency, a mix control for parallel compression, and a useful auto-gain function.

Fusion HF Compressor

SSL Fusion HF Compressor

Vintage Drive

Add cohesion to your tracks with the Fusion Vintage Drive. This non-linear saturation plug-in is equipped with drive, density, and mix controls to determine the type of processing and an auto-gain function to restore balance to your overall level.

Fusion Vintage Drive

SSL Fusion Vintage Drive

Stereo Image

With the Fusion Stereo Image plug-in, you can make adjustments to the image with both stereo and mid-side processing features. These include width, space, and shuffle controls, while the Vectorscope provides visual feedback of the process in real time.

Fusion Stereo Image

SSL Fusion Stereo Image

More about the SSL Fusion Plugins:

*Note: percentage discounts may vary according to your region and currency conversion rates on the day of purchase. Displayed percentage discounts are guidelines only.

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Save 85% with the SSL Fusion Plugin Sale for a Limited Time Only!

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