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Gearhead University with Thomann

Gearhead University with Thomann  ·  Source: Thomann/YouTube

Almost 30 unique online content creators meet at Musikhaus Thomann and get creative. Under the hashtag # TGU18 you can follow them on the usual social media channels.

Gearhead University

Adam Neeley, The Pedal Show, Glen Fricker, Pete Cottrell, EytschPi42, Sarah Longfield, Bass the World, Gear Gods, Steve from Boston and more.

These people will produce videos with the equipment provided by the Thomann Music House. After all, with over 90,000 products – there should be enough potential in it to make some very ‘cool’ content.

Gearhead University

Gearhead University

Gearhead University Thomann sponsors

You can also attend the Gearhead University yourself. Either you watch on Twitter, Facebook and Co under the hashtag # TGU18 or drive by in person from the 17th to the 19th of May.

So if you want to get involved watch the video below for more details and I have added the link below, so that you can check it all out.

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