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Fryette Deliverance Series II amp head

Fryette Deliverance Series II amp head  ·  Source: Fryette

US amp maker Fryette has updated its Deliverance amp range, with both the 120-Watt and 60-Watt heads getting new features for 2020.

Fryette Deliverance Series II

These valve-powered amps have a simple layout consisting of a standard three-band EQ, separate gain controls for the Standard and More modes, plus separate volume controls for the Master and  Solo Volume modes. Presence and depth controls for fine tuning the power amp section are also available.

Fryette Deliverance Series II amp head rear panel

Fryette Deliverance Series II amp head rear panel

Footswitchable Gain

Both the new Solo Volume mode and the effects loop can be engaged using a footswitch, making the amp more versatile in a live scenario than the previous iteration of the Deliverance range. The More mode, normally selected with a toggle switch, can now be assigned to the Solo Volume mode for even more gain when you need it.

You can now also add the new Bright toggle switch function. This can be set to operate manually via the switch and assigned to the More mode or activated together with Solo mode using the footswitch.

Essentially, this new expanded and updated edition of the Deliverance amp range has a few extra little features that make it all the more attractive. There are currently no audio demos available online, but once Winter NAMM has kicked in to full effect, I fully expect to hear some demos getting posted online covering this new lineup.

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