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Ikea and Teenage Engineering FREKVENS

Ikea and Teenage Engineering FREKVENS  ·  Source: Ikea

Teenage Engineering have already been collaborating and pushing out into new and interesting areas. Combining their flare for design with an interest in the more consumer side of the music industry. We recently saw the speakers they’ve produced with Chinese company Raven. This time it’s a bit more local with the makers of fabulous flat pack furniture IKEA. They working together to release a series of musical products known as The FREKVENS Collection.


According to an Instgram post the idea is to create products so that you can host your party. Looking at the picture that probably means a couple of radios, some lights and a part of a flue – or something.

They say that they are looking to release something in 2019 and at this moment details are all a bit scarce. IKEA and Teenage Engineering got together at the Haven music and food festival and had prototypes hidden amongst the Pocket Operators and their other gear. According to this photo that means lights, a vinyl player (they probably mean a record player) and a sound box. There does seem to be a guitar head and neck made out of cardboard and something that looks like a cut-out turntable.

Ikea and Teenage Engineering FREKVENS

Ikea and Teenage Engineering FREKVENS

Who knows what it all means?

It’s always exciting when two innovative companies come together in the hope of creating something awesome. So it’s going to be interesting to see what comes out in this FREKVENS collection and how much of a party you can have with it. The video all about it below is of no help whatsoever.

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