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Behringer System 55

Behringer System 55  ·  Source: Behringer

A handful of Behringer’s System 55 Moog modular clone modules are now available for preorder but with no idea of when they’ll arrive.

Ordered on request

According to the Thomann website 7 of the forthcoming System 55 range of 21 Eurorack modules are available to order now. The website says they can be ordered “On request” but doesn’t give an ETA. Currently, you can fill your basket with the CP3A-M Mixer, 911 Envelope, 962 Sequential Switch, 995 Attenuators and 902 VCA for £41 each and the 961 Interface (trigger converter) and 923 Filters for £66 each which are rather astonishing prices. See direct links below.

The information on the product page doesn’t really give you any more information than what’s apparent by looking at the module. And the single images of the front panels are not zoomable. The only module from this range that’s appeared on the Behringer website is the CP3A-O Analog Oscillator and that’s not appeared on Thomann as yet. At the moment we don’t have any modules in the System 55 that actually make sound.

So it’s all a bit odd really. Some other websites are listing the same modules and suggest that we’ll see them in May or June.

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3 responses to “Behringer System 55 Moog modular clones now available for pre-order”

  1. John says:

    ” At the moment we don’t have any modules in the System 55 that actually make sound.” – the 923 filter has pink and white noise sources.

    • Paul says:

      Quite honestly I think I’ll wait until all the modules are available, as I’d to build a complete system.

    • Philip says:

      HELP ! What modules are needed for a complete System 55 setup to compare to the exact Moog System 55, is adding 3 oscillators a good choice. Thank you for what you are doing but if I may suggest once all modules are available from manufactures, that Behringer sell all System 55 module parts as a complete package based on the Moog System 55. Also, there are 61/73 synth key controllers that would match well with the Eurorack system.

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