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FenderNashville In Ear Monitors USA FXA2 FXA5 FXA6 FXA7

Fender in ear monitors. Confused with three? Well actually there are five versions!  ·  Source:


Fender announced earlier on the year at NAMM 2016 that they would be releasing a range of in-ear monitors for musicians. The range has now been launched and includes five different versions to suit all budgets. Some of them use 3D printing technology to achieve the specifications and design. Each set uses custom-made drivers and they are all made in Nashville USA.


DX1A are the entry level set and are the only set not to use the 3D printing technology. They use a custom titanium driver and are aimed at those on a budget. The FX2A are blue and use something Fender call the ‘Dual Balanced Armature Array’ and offer a significant upgrade on the DX1A.

Next up is the FX5A model in silver, which also features the 3D-printed casing that Fender are punting as a feature. Then there’s the FX6A in red which have a single tuned balanced array, plus a rare earth driver. Finally, the gold-coloured FX7A have a dual tuned balanced array and the rare earth driver.

Each set comes with four ear piece sizes: small, medium, medium plus and large. So the whole range should accommodate most musicians’ ears. The specifications on all sets are listed in detail on the Fender site and for you to check out. I suppose the proof will be in the sales, as Fender aren’t really known for making in-ear stage monitors, potentially making this a hard sell for them as there are already lots of great brands with a solid reputation for monitoring. Competition will be stiff.

I would imagine pricing will pay a large part in whether or not players use these. Of course, it’s be very important how good they actually sound in a live scenario and how sturdy they are. I think having five versions is going to confuse a lot of players, two or possibly three at most would have made more sense to me.


Fender In-Ear Range: Product Details

RRP GBP £75-£330

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FenderNashville In Ear Monitors USA FXA2 FXA5 FXA6 FXA7

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