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Mustang GT 100

Mustang GT 100  ·  Source: Fender/YouTube


Fender has installed the Bluetooth function in the new Mustang GT 100 Amps. However, the designers at the American guitar giant have allowed a big fat blunder with the design to make it through testing, that will probably never happen again…


Mustang GT 100 Live Rick Roll “finally” possible

The big problem with the otherwise cool and practical Bluetooth function: There is no security feature. No button to press to pair a device. No software lock, nothing. Just check out the YouTube video below by Pen Test Partners LLP to see the issue highlighted in real life.

That means that anyone with a smartphone within range can play everything on your amp. For a live amp at a gig, this is the real issue. Imagine, you’re just going to settle in a solo or play a melancholic song and pour your heart into the mic and suddenly Never Gonna Give You Up or another completely inappropriate song destroys the mood. Funny for some, a nightmare for the performer.

Solution? Turn off Bluetooth before gigs. But if you need it as a solo entertainer, you either have to hope for an ignorant or nice audience or you will possibly need to buy another amp. Bit of an embarrassing issue for Fender and hopefully one that they will rectify soon.


It appears that v1.2.25 firmware will fix this glaring issue. Make sure you update your amp if you are thinking about gigging with it!




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Mustang GT 100

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6 responses to “Fender Mustang GT 100 amplifier Bluetooth Fail!”

    Name says:

    This issue was rectified since firmware update V1.2.25 back in June of 2017, shortly after the amp started shipping. The amp is at V1.5.20 at this time, with many additional features. Pen Test Partners LLP should update their amp.

    Name says:

    This was addressed several months ago and there is now security. The only reason that this may have happened is because they didn’t update the amp.

    Jim says:

    This was addressed in firmware update v1.2.25 back in June of 2017 shortly after the product launched. A pairing request was added to the Bluetooth connection process. The scenario in the video is no longer valid if you installed one of the many updates that have come out since then.

    Solution? Update your firmware.
    Bonus: You’ll get some additional amp and fx models.

    Jef says:

    Good to hear that Fender has actually fixed this issue. Remember folks, updating firmware adds security and ‘new features’ so make sure you update your amp!

    Steve Conrad says:

    FWIW – the latest Mustang GT FW 3.0 along with GTX-7 Footswitch has totally transformed this former unreliable , buzzy sounding family of amplifiers into a real functional / tone full / reliable tools – Kudos to Fender R&D – Incredible Job!

    search on V G U I T A R F O R U M S for full details

    Thomas says:

    Tone app 3,01 or 3.02 does not work with my Android Sony
    connection is lost after 30 sec

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