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Fender Custom Shop Prestige Collection 2021

Fender Custom Shop Prestige Collection 2021  ·  Source: Fender

The Fender Custom Shop has announced its Prestige Collection 2021! Yes, this set of exceptional instruments certainly includes some eye-watering prices – but there’s also some very impressive workmanship on display here. Check out all the official Fender Custom Shop videos here and marvel in the glory of some very special Custom Shop guitars.

Paul Waller: Sugar Surprise Strat

This Paul Waller Sugar Surprise Strat was inspired by LA-based artist Pamelina and comes with a set of Josefina hand-wound pickups. The sugar skull themed artwork can be illuminated and gives the guitar a whole new look once lit up!

RRP – GBP 23749 / EUR 26599

Vincent Van Trigt: Custom Flamingo Sunset Tele

This Vincent Van Trigt Custom Flamingo Sunset Tele took its inspiration from a ‘60s cocktail bar and certainly looks the part. It is based on a 60s Telecaster and features artwork by Ian Ward.

RRP – GBP 15399 / EUR 17249

Greg Fessler: Tamo Ash Tele

This Greg Fessler Tamo Ash Tele uses a Tamo Ash top that Greg had been saving for a special occasion and has a a flame maple U-shaped neck with abalone dots, plus a set of Seymour Duncan Vintage P90 pickups.

RRP – GBP 7999 / EUR 8949

Chris Fleming: Jazz Telecaster

This Chris Fleming’s Jazz Telecaster combines a snake head Tele with a bebop-inspired guitar and includes Brazilian Rosewood appointments. Overall, a very classy looking instrument and one that will turn heads down your local Jazz club on a Wednesday.


Todd Krause: Box Top Tele

The Todd Krause Box Top Tele is inspired by the construction of an amplifier cabinet and uses a AAAA Birdseye maple top that is inset into the body of the guitar with a box joint.

RRP – GBP 10499 / EUR 11749

Kyle McMillin: Custom Burled Redwood Strat

Kyle McMillin’s Custom Burled Redwood was inspired by woodworking and resin art on social media (Burls Art?) – and looks kinda funky.

RRP – GBP 9399 / EUR 10499

Carlos Lopez: Double Neck Marauder

Carlos Lopez’ Double Neck Marauder combines two of Lopez’ favourite guitars, the Electric XII and the Marauder. This beast of a guitar will certainly turn heads and probably need a decent guitar strap to stop your shoulder aching! It is fitted with a set of Curtis Novak designed pickups that were especially made for it.

RRP – GBP 18849 / EUR 21099

Dale Wilson: Tapestry Telecaster

Dale Wilson’s Tapestry Tele is another collaboration with the artist Pamelina and features an intricate design along with a flame top, back and neck. The pickups: this has a set of Josefina hand-wound “OBG” in the bridge position and Twisted Tele in the neck.

RRP – GBP 17999 / EUR 20149

Scott Buehl: Acrylic Jazzmaster

This Scott Buehl Acrylic Jazzmaster is his first incarnation of an acrylic offset guitar model and looks pretty ‘out there’; you can see everything inside this Jazzmaster! It’s got a set of Josefina hand-wound Jazzmaster pickups and an RSD Jazzmaster Bridge. The guitar was heavily routed under the pickguard to help keep the weight down.

RRP – GBP 12849 / EUR 14399

Yuriy Shishkov: Leaves of Tears

Yuriy Shishkov’s Leaves of Tears model is a masterclass in subtlety. There’s silver wire inlay patterns wrapped around the body, adorned by sparks of diamonds and diopside stones on the individual branches. It’s got a hand-stained purple burst finish. This guitar has a very special look indeed.

RRP – GBP 9390 / EUR 10499

Jason Smith: Custom ‘60s P Bass Special

Jason Smith’s Custom ‘60s P Bass Special celebrates the 70th year of the model. Its design incorporates elements of old western ghost towns, like a hand-tooled leather pickguard. The model was made using rustic, reclaimed, roasted pine for the body along with the old nail and bolt holes, which in its former life was part of an old grain elevator in Minnesota.

RRP – GBP 8849 / EUR 9899


Dennis Galuszka: Custom ‘62 Precision Bass

This Dennis Galuzka Custom ‘62 Precision Bass features artwork by Madeline Hanlin and was inspired by his love of the horror genre/films. With its dead looking tree design, it will certainly stand out whilst you play your groove.

RRP – GBP 15249 / EUR 17049

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