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With NI making so many of its own DJ controller units, you might wonder why other manufacturers would bother developing alternatives. Well, because they have a different way of doing things and some people prefer that. Faderfox makes bespoke MIDI controllers and its latest is the successor to the DJ3, rather sensibly called the DJ4. Although it’s optimised for Traktor Pro it works as a general MIDI controller with any kit, including with iPads via a Camera Connection Kit.


The tiny hardware unit manages to pack in an impressive number of controls: 8 centred pots, 3 faders, 4 push encoders and 22 LEDs amongst other features to display visual feedback. This represents a big upgrade over the previous iteration and you now get MIDI in and out ports with routing and merge capability, four extra buttons and more illuminated elements for ease of use in dark club environments. It can be programmed to work with other applications too, via the four internal preset slots.

Since you get USB and MIDI ports, Faderfox says it’s possible to control external hardware and computer software at the same time, which could come in very handy. And MIDI thru means you can bring additional controllers on board as well to expand your setup. It powers over USB and lets you control up to four decks in your DJ software, with Traktor and Live supported out of the box. If you’re after an alternative take on DJ control to that offered by the usual suspects, the DJ4 could be well worth a look. It retails for €229.

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