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Noise Machine

Noise Machine  ·  Source: Noise Machine

Noise Machine

Noise Machine  ·  Source: Noise Machine

Noise Machine is a super-portable wireless MIDI controller that fits in the palm of your hand and manages to offer 7 octaves and modulation. Let’s check it out ahead of its Kickstarter campaign.

Noise Machine

It’s probably the smallest MIDI controller I’ve ever seen. It has 12 buttons that correspond to the 12 notes of an octave. A comparatively large slider offers octave selection so you can reach 7 octaves. A single knob gives you a mappable MIDI CC# controller.

Noise Machine is wireless kicking out MIDI over BLE with “low latency”. They say it will work with most DAWs at 7.5-10ms. It can access up to 12 channels on the one device so you could use multiple Noise Machines on different channels for a bit of a jam. It will work with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

They keep calling it a “Beatmaker” which seems a little misleading. I can’t find anything about it having an internal sequencer or looping mechanism built-in or that it comes with some kind of beat-making app. So I guess they’re just saying it’s good at playing drums over MIDI. And personally I think they should swap the roles of the octave slider and MIDI knob – but that’s just me.

No idea on price or availability yet but it does look like a cool and useful little MIDI controller that’s not really a machine and doesn’t make any noise. Could be really nice to pair up with a decent phone synth app for on-the-go music making. If you sign up to their newsletter you’ll be entered into a draw to win one of the first off the production line.

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