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InstantPhaser MkII

 ·  Source: Eventide Audio

For it’s latest software release, audio effects’ elder statesmen Eventide recreated a true classic in every sense of the word – the 1972 Instant Phaser. The first rackmount effects unit ever, Instant Phaser is super old-school and ever so slightly obscure. Although hardly your typical guitar phaser, it did end up on Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”, which ought to speak volumes about its prominence in studios at the time.

The effect is fairly feature-rich. There’s an oscillator to modulate the phasing at your chosen rate, an envelope follower to drive the phase effect with a source/sidechain signal, Depth control for blending wet/dry signals, and remote mode to map the phasing control to your controller’s modwheel. The original unit’s three stereo modes – Shallow, Deep, and Wide – have been recreated as well. You can use these to make mono instruments, such as guitars and synthesizers, sound wider and fuller. Finally, there’s the Age control to let you hear how the unit’s sound will change over time as the virtual years pass and the values of the simulated electronic components drift. It goes from 0 to 100. Brilliant idea, if you ask me.

Price and availability

Eventide’s old-school phaser is being sold for an introductory price of USD 37, down from USD 129. It’s available in AAX, VST2, and AU formats for Windows and Mac computers. Owners of Eventide’s Anthology X, XI bundles and Ensemble subscribers can get in on Instant Phaser for free.

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