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Euclidean Circles

Euclidean Circles  ·  Source: vpme


Vladimir Pantelic’s Euclidean Circles is a bit of an institution in Eurorack land. Those three dazzlingly bright off-set wheels of LEDs adorn many a rack you’ll see on YouTube. It’s impossible to miss and probably the most popular handmade rhythm module out there. Well, version 2 is here and the tagline is the adorable “now with even more features!”


Euclidean Circles V2

It’s a trigger sequencer that generates patterns based upon an algorithm first described by Euklid about 300 years BC. There are 3 wheels of 16 steps and the basic operation is that you enable the steps you want to trigger on each wheel which ends up generating interesting polyrhythms. There are actually 6 channels of output, 2 for each wheel which are toggled by holding the top encoder down.

New in version 2 is a step edit mode, where you can manually edit sequences by rotating the encoder to the required step. You can also enable/disable several steps at once. This is different to Euclidean mode where the steps are generated based on an algorithm. This instead gives you full control over what gets triggered when with your own sequences. You can chain these sequences up to give you 48 steps.

Euclidean Circles v2

Euclidean Circles v2

There’s a new F button which can act as a user button to give quick access to your favourite feature. It could be a variation button, trigger a fill, advance sequence, restore patterns – whatever you want. It also acts as a tap tempo.

An optional Six Switches expansion gives you easy access to enabling/disabling the 6 channels.


Behind the familiar panel the hardware has been upgraded to make it easier to edit and improve the firmware later on down the line. So more features could emerge at some point.

Euclidean Circles is an illuminatingly fun module that spews rhythms and lights in a pleasing and engaging way. Version 2 gives you the opportunity to ruin some of that magic by giving you the power to be in charge while at the same time making it infinitely more versatile.

For the full details of what’s going on in this module check out the video below. Priced at around €265 Vlad says he has them in stock and ready to go.

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Euclidean Circles

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