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Erica Synths VCV Rack modules

Erica Synths VCV Rack modules  ·  Source: Erica Synths


VCV Rack is forever threatening to move to the first official release version 1.0 very soon and has been for some time. Meanwhile, the list of modules continues to grow. Erica Synths are the latest hardware module manufacturer to throw their hat into the virtual Eurorack ring with VCV Rack versions of the Black Wavetable VCO and Black Octasource.


Erica Synths for VCV Rack

VCV Rack is annoyingly good, in fact, it has no right being quite as good as it is. It manages to give a decent emulation of the Eurorack experience while going to places of duplication your pocket could never afford. It’s not hardware but it is capable of producing the sound of Eurorack and uses the exact same tools and processes that you would use in hardware. There’s no cheating, simplification or normalising going on you have to patch it together like the real thing.

Into this space comes Erica Synths with two modules crafted into VCV Rack modules by Raphaël Hoffman from “Hora Music”. The first is the Black Wavetable VCO. It’s a digital oscillator that features 16 wavetables of 16 waves that are morphable via CV. It’s the perfect sound source for those slow journeys through waveshapes or for fast chiptune type modulations and everything in between. There’s a choice of 3 sub-oscillator waveforms at -1 or -2 octaves. It has a bit crushing circuit to break the waveforms down into a noisy, gritty mess. It’s a simple and yet versatile module with lots of tonal possibilities.

Next up is the Black Octasource. This is an unexpectedly strange LFO. It will do your regular modulations of course but it has 8 outputs that sit in a circle around a modulation octopus. You can either set the 8 outputs to generate one each of the 8 LFO waveforms or you can have them all output the same waveform at 45-degree phase offsets. You can then morph between waveforms and modulate the phase and the rate. It’s a fascinating LFO.

Hora Music has already developed a shed load of modules for VCV Rack and so Erica Synths has placed these in safe hands. And best of all these are available for the current version of VCV Rack completely free of charge. I wonder if Erica Synth has any plans to release any more.

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