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SSL Band Bundle

Save over $500 on the SSL Band Bundle  ·  Source: SSL


Until December 5, you can get the SSL Band Bundle from Thomann at a reduced price and save over $500.


This collection of three processing plug-ins is designed to help you process each element in your band including vocals, guitars, bass, and drums.

What do you get in the SSL Band Bundle?

The Band Bundle consists of channel strip plug-ins that currently cost more individually. Let’s take a closer look at each one and see how they fit into your workflow.


Drumstrip is a $250 plug-in for tackling drum processing. Rather than simply emulating a console channel strip, it puts a key selection of useful features at your fingertips with the level of processing flexibility you associate with SSL.

The five sections (Gate, Transient Shaper, LF and HF Enhancer, and LMC) can each be individually bypassed and you can flip the signal path to ensure your drum hit or bus is processed in the exact order you want.


Vocalstrip 2

Another $250 specialized processing plug-in, Vocalstrip can be used for individual vocal tracks or buses. Its four sections, the compander, de-esser, de-ploser, and EQ, can each be bypassed individually and you can reorder the signal path as you wish.

In addition, the 3-band EQ section has the ability to switch off individual bands for working more precisely. The metering section is also incredibly extensive, allowing you to get a sense of resonances quickly and get a visual reading on the adjustments you make.


Usually priced around $200, Guitarstrip is a comprehensive processing plug-in designed for all types of guitars and basses. There are seven sections that can each be individually bypassed, including phase correction, delay, all-pass filter, compressor, drive, and amp simulation.

Not only do you have the power to sculpt your tone, but you can really focus on the articulation of your sound and bring out the finer details and nuances of the instrument.

Pricing and availability:

The Band Bundle is currently available from Thomann at a reduced price until December 5, saving you over $500.

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SSL Band Bundle

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