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Epiphone Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom with correct headstock

 ·  Source: Epiphone


The Epiphone Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom has been unveiled today and now comes with the correct headstock shape at last. Unlike the previous Art Collection series of limited edition models, this one has a plain back as well.


Epiphone Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom

Everyone knew that the Epiphone Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom was coming and it has leaked online a few times (both unofficially and officially teased) already. Now, as of today, it is finally here at last and it looks to be everything that the fans wanted.

Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom

Source: Epiphone

Headstock Shape

Epiphone has now adopted the open book headstock shape that everyone was calling for, which makes this Les Paul Custom look far closer to its US-built counterparts. This is the second Epiphone model to feature this as the Greeny for Kirk Hammett set the trend. They also include a circular mirror as part of the case candy, which can be stuck on the headstock. Adam Jones does this on his original 1979 Custom, and here it would also obscure that Epiphone logo, so it will look even more like his old Gibson.

Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom Aged Silverburst

Aged Silverburst · Source: Epiphone


Apart from the lack of artwork on the back, this model is practically the same as the previous Art Collection models. This means it has a mahogany body with a maple cap, paired with a three-piece maple neck and an ebony fretboard.


It also sports the Aged Silverburst finish and all the binding of the previous runs. This aged finish looks very good close-up (I have reviewed and played some of the previous models and so got to check it out) and thankfully, it is now an all-over paint job. No more fancy art on the rear of the guitars, except for a small graphic designed by Joyce Su and Adam Jones on the rear headstock.

Pickups are a reverse-mounted Custombucker in the neck position with a chrome cover and a Seymour Duncan Distortion in the bridge; both are wired to CTS potentiometers and Orange Drop capacitors.

Epiphone LP Custom 1979 Adam Jones Headstock

Open Book shape headstock · Source: Epiphone


Overall, this is the guitar that the fans wanted and it looks far closer to the original Gibson runs of the 1979 Les Paul Custom. They are supposedly going to be quite heavy (I’ve seen leaked models weighing in at around 9 pounds plus. This is still far lighter than some original late ’70s Les Paul models. But, if you like lightweight guitars, these may not be for you.

Adam Jones prefers a heavy guitar so he has asked for his signature guitar to be quite weighty. Thankfully, Epiphone still includes the Protector case with this model to keep the guitar safe when you aren’t playing it. If I was in the market for a classic Norlin style late 70s Custom, then this latest Adam Jones model would be high on my list of guitars to try out.

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Epiphone Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom with correct headstock

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