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Developer and musical collaboration visionary Tim Exile has released Endlesss (the extra “s” is intentional) his online jamming app for iOS that’ll have you making music with friends and musicians all over the world. Celebrities jamming today include Imogen Heap, Matt Black, Flux Pavillion, KiNK and Gaz Williams.



Tim’s been honing this app for the last couple of years. It started with the concept of providing a platform where people could play, jam, collaborate and mix each other’s ideas in realtime. The beta version has been in constant use churning out jam after jam from people contributing to and messing up each others music. It is a whole load of fun.

It has a simple loop-based interface and a bunch on onboard sounds so you need nothing more than an iPhone or iPad to start making music. Choose from a melody sound, bass, or drums and play a beat to knock out a tune on the grid. As you play the audio is generated as a loop and all you do is tap the loop once you’re happy with what you just played. There’s no going back and editing – this is realtime music-making. Play something, hit loop, it’s uploaded and everyone else can jam along.

You then have the opportunity to mix the levels of the loops and add effects to completely rework what’s going on. And if you don’t like what someone does to your riff then you can rewind to an earlier one because each time it’s changed it generates a new riff to play with. As these riffs are generated you can see who contributed to them and you might wait for a response from someone else before adding more of your own. Over time these musical masterpieces change and evolve, get destroyed and remade – it’s a pretty remarkable experience.

But you don’t have to use the onboard sounds. Endlesss can also hook into your microphone so you can sing or play any instrument and generate loops and riffs that way. Add an audio interface and you can start adding synths from your own studio or guitars, vocal lines – whatever you want.


There’s a new Sampler part of the app that I haven’t been able to try yet. It’s part of the new premium content section that also includes sounds and samples from a load of sound designers. But otherwise Endlesss is completely free.

Today is launch day and to celebrate Tim is jamming all day on the EndlesssFM Twitch channel and there’s a roster of some quite exciting names taking part though out the day.

Here’s the schedule and you can watch live on BandsinTown and EndlessFM :


  • 10am (BST) / 5am (ET) Intro & Unclehomunculus
  • 11am (BST) / 6am (ET) The Now Voyagers
  • 12pm (BST) / 7am (ET) Gaz Williams
  • 1pm (BST) / 8am (ET) Bialystock and Doomslayer
  • 2pm (BST) / 9am (ET) Matt Black (Coldcut, Ninja Tune)
  • 3pm (BST) / 10am (ET) Dreamers
  • 4pm (BST) / 11am (ET) Dan le Sac
  • 5pm (BST) / 12pm (ET) The Veltron Transmissions
  • 6pm (BST) / 1pm (ET) Imogen Heap
  • 7pm (BST) / 2pm (ET) The Skullz
  • 8pm (BST) / 3pm (ET) Flux Pavilion
  • 9pm (BST) / 4pm (ET) Noiseville
  • 10pm (BST) / 5pm (ET) KiNK

So go and download the app from the App Store and see what all the fuss is about.

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