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Van Halen's FrankenStrat stolen

Van Halen's FrankenStrat stolen  ·  Source: MySanAntonio

Yes, you read that correctly, someone has stolen Eddie Van Halen’s original iconic striped red and white ‘Frankenstrat’ and it looks like they just walked out with it!


The guitar which Eddie made famous by building himself and playing exclusively on most of Van Halen‘s major hit records, was donated to the Hard Rock Cafe in 2004 and is valued at around $100,000.


Well, some light-fingered punter walked on into the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown San Antonio Friday morning and now they are frantically trying to get information on its whereabouts.

According to the My San Antonio news site –

‘Nobody in the restaurant witnessed the theft, police said. It wasn’t until 1 a.m. that an employee noticed the guitar was missing while closing up shop.’

The guitar is signed by Eddie and so would be almost impossible to pass on or sell, without raising an alarm bells. Of course, if you see it make sure you get in touch with the local authorities.

Fender went to great lengths to replicate the original and sold some seriously limited edition  replicas of the guitar back in 2008 and so it will be easy to spot what the original looks like, as it is so well documented, as guitarists have obsessed over it for so many years and it is a modern day rock and roll icon in its own right.

UPDATE 18/11/17

Update at 11:17 a.m.: Officials with Hard Rock International said the stolen Eddie Van Halen guitar has been safely returned to the restaurant. They are now working with local authorities investigating the incident.




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