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Drawing a Blank

Drawing a Blank  ·  Source: Drawing a Blank


If you don’t completely fill your Eurorack case it can look rather messy and unfinished. While you’re saving up for the perfect module to fill that hole you can use blank front panels to make it look less DIY. By why use a plain piece of metal when you can use something altogether more awesome from “Drawing a Blank” a.k.a Mark Thomson of Markt Modular.


Blank Panel Art

The panels are made by the same process that you would use to make a PCB because that’s what they are. The drawings are imported into PCB software and become the solder trails of would-be circuits. The result is shiny, eye-catching and completely appropriate to the world of Eurorack. Some of the designs make use of blank space to utilise the semi-transparent nature of the PCB board for backlighting – if that’s your thing.

Drawing A Blank - Android (coming soon)

Drawing A Blank – Analogue Android (coming soon)

Mark says he’s open to collaboration and custom designs if you want something specific for your rack. Otherwise, there’s a growing selection available in 8, 10 and 14hp and all for around a tenner. There’s also some great stuff to come. Follow his page on Facebook for previews of works in progress and new releases.

It’s a great idea and a fabulous use of his artwork. If they were available in t-shirt form I would buy one of each in a second. That Analogue Android one is fantastic.

More information

  • Drawing a Blank Facebook page.
  • Currently only available through Signal Sounds, Glasgow. They do ship internationally.

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