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Dr Z new Z-Plus guitar amp Joe Walsh

Dr Z new Z-Plus guitar amp with Joe Walsh  ·  Source: Dr Z

Dr Z amps has collaborated with Joe Walsh to come up with the Z-Plus guitar amp, a Class A combo based on on vintage Fender Tweed amps of the ’50s.


The collaboration between Eagles legend Joe Walsh and Dr Z has resulted in a 1×12 combo amplifier, with the tones you’d expect from a Class A 15W combo that uses two 6V6 power valves for its output. They have given it a 7W mode, half power mode and an effects loop, a reverb circuit plus a variable boost that can be set using a footswitch as well.

All that functionality should make for a great amp for players that want that cool, retro Tweed tone associated with early Fender amps, but with modern specifications that make it both suable both in the studio and on stage.

Dr Z Z-Plus 1x12 rear panel

Dr Z Z-Plus 1×12 rear panel


The Z-Plus is offered in either an Ultra-Lite 1×12 combo or a more compact Studio-Lite combo version, with either a standard ceramic Z12 Eminence or a rather cool upgraded Celestion Alnico Blue speaker. It’s going to be available in Black, Blonde or Red. 

This little boutique amp seems to have something to offer a lot of players. Even though it is not cheap, I think it will be a great buy for anyone that enjoys classic American guitar amp tones, but needs modern build quality and features.

Dr Z does make some really good guitar amps and their reputation is one of high quality and great tones, so this collaboration with Joe Walsh makes perfect sense to me. If you need more details then I would suggest that you check out the official demo videos below, as the amp is ready to order as of this week.

This could be a great combo to go into the New Year with and I personally cannot wait to try one out myself, as it looks great on paper. I love the sound on the videos, so for the money, it could be great buy.

RRP – USD 1995

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