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Doepfer Dark Energy III

Doepfer Dark Energy III  ·  Source: Doepfer

We saw it at NAMM we played with it at Superbooth and now the Doepfer Dark Energy III is available to have all to yourself. 6 years since the release of the Dark Energy II Doepfer hopes that this new version will breathe some life back into this spunky desktop analogue monophonic synthesizer.

Dark Energy III

It’s a monophonic desktop synthesizer in a modular style but with a single piece front panel. It’s a complete synthesizer with all the expected parts upgraded and enhanced for this new version that along with the CV inputs includes MIDI and USB.

So what’s new? The triangle shape waveform is now central to the VCO core and no longer requires a warm-up period to sort itself out. The two LFO’s now have independent reset inputs and can synchronise both to external gate signals. The VCA now has a linear control scale. The Dark Energy III invites modification via the front panel sockets. By removing jumpers and rewiring pin-headers for the VCO pulse width, LFO resets and VCA inputs  almost anything is possible, including accessing various VCO outputs (triangle, sawtooth, rectangle); VCO hard sync input; VCO soft sync input; various VCF outputs (lowpass, highpass, bandpass); various LFO outputs (triangle, rectangle); ADSR output; and two inverters with input/output (to invert any signal, such as ADSR or LFO).

The well-regarded filter of the Dark Energy II remains completely unchanged – why mess with a good thing?

Doepfer Dark Energy III

Doepfer Dark Energy III

You can wire more than one unit together if you want to dig into them. And it’s this bend towards the DIY community that makes this an interesting synth for the electronically curious – they are actively encouraging you to take the thing apart.

The Doepfer Dark Energy III is available now for €479.

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