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Bastl Instruments KOMPAS

Bastl Instruments KOMPAS  ·  Source: Bastl Instruments


The first module from Bastl Instruments’ new black line of modules is KOMPAS a probabilty trigger generator for three dimensional adventures.



KOMPASS takes a non-linear approach to triggering and uses probability to generate new looping patterns depending on where you are heading. It outputs three triggers depending on knobs called Latitude, Longitude and Altitude. Turning the knobs increases the probability of each coordinate generating new patterns as it goes.

Each direction has a different form of probability affecting it’s generation of triggers. Longitude uses pseudo-Euclidean probability, Latitude uses all-psudeo random probability and Altitude generates something based on the probability between Longitude and Latitude. What does that mean? Well Bastl don’t really say other to indicate that we all go on journeys and adventures and it should be seen as exploring triggers rather than dictating them or doing anything on purpose other than wishing to travel.

Sounds wonderful vague – I like that! I think the idea is that you can run a pretty interesting drum and percussion set with these three knobs.


The KOMPAS is based on Arduino-compatible hardware and is open source and hackable. It needs a clock to run and also has a reset input along with CV control over each knob.

It’s available soon as a kit for €104. I must say that even though Bastl has had a very definitive look with their wooden panels I really like the black.

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Bastl Instruments KOMPAS

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