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Between Machines CLOCKER

Between Machines CLOCKER  ·  Source: Gearspace


While Between Machines’ KEEPER generated the most interest the QLOCKER algorithmic sequencer crept under the radar. Let’s check it out.



QLOCKER is a 5-channel algorithmic sequencer in a Eurorack module with some really tasty gold knobs. There are a number of interesting outputs available that can be straight and messed with depending on what you’re trying to do. A “One” output appears to give you the first beat in the bar and a Clock output that will fill in the rest of the bar alongside.

Then there are three more interesting outputs called Div, Mult and Blend. They all have corresponding knob controls and refer to the Tempo knob. As you turn up the Mult knob you get an increasing probability of multiplying the triggers. Set it at 50% and you get a 50-50 chance of it following the tempo or doubling it. Hitting a button will loop that last generated bar.

The Div knob does the same but in the opposite direction by dividing the tempo down for a slower rate of probable triggers. And Blend uses a clever algorithm to combine the two trigger generators to a single output for some fun interplay.


A clever “Mask” knob takes on the task of thinning out the triggers so it’s less intense and shifts the Div and Mult onto beats and off-beats.

The results coming out of QLOCKER are really nice. The generation of triggers is simple and it looks like you can pull in variations and changes very easily. You’ve also got a bit of flipping and muting going on. Yeah, that’s a little gem of a trigger module.

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Between Machines CLOCKER

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