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Soundtoys Effects Rack

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Plug-in brand Soundtoys is temporarily reducing the price of its all-encompassing virtual tool box Effects Rack. And that by almost 70 percent off the original price! With this bundle of different effects, you can get very interesting multi-FX chains going. There really is something here for everyone and for every audio and instrument track. And, of course, in the renowned high quality that we are used to from the developer.


Soundtoys Effects Rack Plug-in Deal

Soundtoys Effects Rack is a “slimmed-down” bundle version of the complete Soundtoys 5 effects package. It contains 14 effect modules from the large version (which numbers 21 effects). The package includes the following effects:

  • Crystallizer
  • Decapitator
  • Devil Loc
  • EchoBoy
  • EchoBoy Jr.
  • FilterFreak
  • FilterFreak 2
  • MicroShift
  • PanMan
  • PhaseMistress
  • PrimalTap
  • radiator
  • Sie-Q
  • Tremolator

That’s not all there is to it, though. There are hundreds of presets to quickly bring the Soundtoys magic into your DAW. Here, the individual effect modules are perfectly integrated, connected in series and optimally adjusted. Of course, you can change all parameters and the working order manually to set it according to your wishes.

Created chains can also be saved as presets in the browser. The rack itself has a “master controller ” section for this purpose. There, you can set the tempo, gain, mix (dry / wet) and other parameters. There is one disadvantage, compared to the Soundtoys 5 bundle: you cannot use the individual effects separately into your DAW effects chain. Here, you are always dependent on the complete effects rack. As a workaround, you can still open multiple racks on different tracks which include a single effect.


Overall, this is a really good deal and a lot of Soundtoys for the money. These effects belong in every producer’s toolbox – they are a little long in the tooth now, but they still sound phenomenal!

Price and date

You can get Soundtoys Effects Rack here at Thomann.de (affiliate) for EUR 89 down from EUR 291. The promotion ends on September 18, 2020. The Effects Rack plug-in runs on Mac OSX 10.10 or higher and Windows 7 or higher as VST, AU and AAX in 64 bit. A free iLok account (or paid dongle) is required for authorization. You can also get a demo version (of Soundtoys 5, which includes Effects Rack) from the manufacturer’s website.

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Soundtoys Effects Rack

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      Corrected, thanks for pointing that out. It’s called Sie-Q, of course. Sometimes to speed things up we use machine translations if good quality source text is available in another language, like in this case from our German-language sister site.

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