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Danelectro Baby Sitar

Danelectro Baby Sitar  ·  Source: Danelectro

Danelectro Baby Sitar – get those Paint It Black tones!

Danelectro Baby Sitar – get those Paint It Black tones!  ·  Source: Danelectro

Danelectro has announced a new version of its vintage Baby Sitar model. Put on your tie-dyed shirts and groove to the faux sitar sounds by the Rolling Stones on Paint It Black, or just go all out psychedelic and ‘raga rock’!

Danelectro Baby Sitar

The Danelectro Baby Sitar allows guitarists and musicians to get a faux sitar sound. And since it is electric, you can plug it in to your effects to get some truly far out sounds. Originally launched in 1968, the Baby Sitar was a way to simulate easily a full sized sitar and it was a lot easier for guitarists to play. The sitar had been used famously on recordings by the Rolling Stones, as well as The Beatles, who used theirs on Norwegian Wood.

Danelectro Baby Sitar

Danelectro Baby Sitar

Vintage Aqua 

This new version comes in a Vintage Aqua finish with a contrasting white decorated ‘Curly Cue pickguard. At first glance, it looked a bit like a green bedpan to me, but apart from the colour, it should do the job of faking a sitar sound well. Hopefully.

Buzz Bridge

The Baby Sitar uses a Gotoh ‘buzz bridge’ with scalloped grooves for each string. These are adjustable to allow for the amount of required sitar effect, or buzz, if you want get down to brass tacks. I fitted one similar to these to a friend’s guitar about 5 or 6 years ago and they really do make a racket! But, if you’re looking for sitar tones, without buying an actual sitar, then this is probably the way to go.

You get a single Danelectro lipstick pickup with single volume and tone controls. A simple electric setup, really, so that you can turn your focus to different tunings or other far-out experimental stuff. The hardware includes vintage style, smooth-geared, chrome machine heads and a precision-cut aluminium nut. The neck is high gloss with 21 frets on a rosewood fingerboard..

If you’re a guitar player looking to expand your tonal palette and give it an eastern vibe, you might want to try out this interesting instrument. And if you’ve never actually heard the Baby Sitar (or those afore-mentioned famous tracks), you can check out the video below to hear it in action.


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