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Noise Engineering CIM and AIM

Noise Engineering CIM and AIM  ·  Source: Noise Engineering


Noise Engineering had their first foray into large format 5U modular back in September. Now they have two more modules to bring to the chunky, high-end modular party in the shape of Cursus Iteritas Magnus and Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus.


Cursus Iteritas Magnus

This is based upon the Eurorack Cursus Iteritas oscillator that works from a dynamically generated wavetable. It has three different modes which approach frequency differently: Fourier uses sine waves; Daubechies uses wavelets; Walsh mode uses the Walsh Transform. All this means, in reality, is that it can produce a wide range of very controllable sounds. You can set the centre harmonic and use a Width control to specify the number of harmonics used to create the wavetable. Use Tilt to emphasise the lower or higher harmonics and Structure to output odd, even or all harmonics. Edge controls the oversampling of the wavetable filter and can add musical overtones. Finish it off with a wavefolder.

It’s one of Noise Engineering’s more musical modules and offers a wonderful amount of movement and animation in the modulation of parameters.


Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus

They call this an “over-the-top” oscillator. It’s based upon the Eurorack Ataraxic Iteritas which is derived from the Ataraxic Translatron, Noise Engineerings first module. It’s all about folding, morphing and annihilating waveforms. The sounds starts from one of three bit tables and then encodes them into wavetables depending on the mode. LFSR mode uses linear-feedback shift-register processing. SQR modulates the harmonic series. SQR2 does the same but also messes with the octaves. With these diverse ways of generating sound AIM can be used for anything from simple 8-bit-like sounds to beautifully shaped pieces.

Check out this fabulous example of the Eurorack Ataraxic Iteritas in action.

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More Information

5U Modular

It’s really interesting seeing Noise Engineering invest more in the larger format. It doesn’t get anywhere near the same coverage as Eurorack so it’s difficult to get a sense of how popular it is. But modules of this nature has got to open it up as a format to many more people.

Cursus Iteritas Magnus and Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus will ship by the end of May and are on an introductory price of $355 until 24th June.

More information

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Noise Engineering CIM and AIM

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