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Crazy Synth Kids ParipiDestroyer

Crazy Synth Kids ParipiDestroyer  ·  Source: Crazy Synth Kids

ParipiDestroyer has no right to sound so awesome in its tiny credit-card-sized form – it’s an ultra-tiny acid bass machine.


How does it sound? Like this:

That’s both remarkable and fabulous. ParipiDestroyer is a simple single oscillator synth with a filter and envelope plus some delay and nice wodge of distortion. It has a built-in 16-step sequencer with 4 pattern memories and can sync to a Volca amongst other things. It’s priced at around £114 and is available direct from Japan.

Crazy Synth Kids is part of DigiLog in Tokyo and they have a whole bunch of quirky and very cool little synths, kits and modular coming along. Including the Microne which is a 6 VCO, 3-voice polyphonic mini-synth, and Analog Kit where you can build your own synthesizer.

It’s all looking a bit sold out a the moment but hopefully more will be along. And there’s plenty of other interesting stuff on the site if you a dig around.

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