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Cornerstone Colosseum pedal  ·  Source: Cornerstone


The Cornerstone Colosseum is the result of a series of polls taken among Cornerstone’s followers and was essentially voted into existence. This dual overdrive combines the Blues Breaker and Klon circuits. Offering potentially, the best of both worlds.


Cornerstone Colosseum

The new Cornerstone Colosseum dual overdrive pedal was based on the votes of the company’s followers. They then built it for them, based on these two classic pedals.

As the user community decided amongst themselves that they wanted a combination of Blues Breaker and Klon available as a dual overdrive pedal.

Cornerstone Colosseum

Blues Breaker & Klon circuits · Source: Cornerstone

Blues Breaker

It has a Blues Breaker circuit that has had the clipping diodes removed, which they state can make it louder and brighter. Plus, they added their “signature” Clean control taken from the Gladio pedal’s circuit.

This side has Tone, Gain and Volume controls, plus the Clean control which is a mini-dial on the front of the pedal.


Dual Overdrive · Source: Cornerstone


Next up, is the Klon side of the pedal and this uses original 1N34A germanium diodes. The same as an original Klon Siberia uses in its design.

They then added a set of selected silicon diodes and gave players the option of these as well.


This Klon side has controls for Tone, Gain and Volume. Again, it has a mini-dial which adds the clipping diodes from 100 per cent germanium when fully counterclockwise, to 100 per cent silicon when fully clockwise.

Finally, a toggle switch swaps the order of the overdrive circuits, so that users can experiment with the order of the two circuits. I like that this pedal also has 4 jacks to connect each side of the pedal as desired.

This all adds up to two classic overdrive circuits, with a few added tweaks and modifications/refinements over the original designs.

Boutique Tone

The demo video gives some good examples of what is on offer and the price is about where I would expect a boutique overdrive to be. These aren’t mass-produced pedals, as each one is hand built in Italy and uses high-end components throughout.

MSRP – GBP 319/EUR 399 *

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