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Cog Effects T-70, T-65 and T-47. Octave effects

Cog Effects T-70, T-65 and T-47. Octave effects  ·  Source:

Cog Effects from Sheffield, UK, have just released a trio of bass and guitar pedals aimed squarely at those looking for octave effects. The three pedals – T-65, T-47 and the T-70 – all seek to give players enough low end to satisfy the needs of those that like it low and dirty.

How low can you go?

The three pedals are all octave effects that can give you more low end to your signal. The T-47 has two foot-switchable channels and you can blend in your dry signal. The best part for me sounds like the filter control which allows you to shape that low octave tone and letting you adjust how dirty you want it, which appeals a lot to me.

Next up is the T-65, an up and down octave effect that also features send/return jacks so you can insert effects into the signal. There’s also a bypass mode toggle switch. The T-65 is basically an ‘upgraded’ version of the old design that allows you to blend in other effects via the built-in effects loop.


Last in the lineup is the T-70 and this beast is essentially two T-65 pedals ganged together, though each can be run completely independently. Cog Effects have added a further sub-channel to the unit, for those that want to go even lower. You can even toggle between the completely bypassed T-70 octave effect or keep the inserted effect via the effects loop when you turn off the T-70. This is all done via a mini-toggle switch on the front panel.

So there are lots of choices here and some useful additions for working live. For example, you could keep your inserted fuzz pedal activated even when you disengage the octave effect.

RRP: T-47  GBP £160,  T-65 GBP £170 and the T-70 GBP £220

For more details, visit the Cog Effects site



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