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Behringer WIN

Behringer WIN  路  Source: Behringer

Oh FFS what do we have here? Another day another clue. I tried really hard to stay engaged and excited about this game but I don’t know, it’s Friday and I don’t need cryptic videos I need beer and lots of it.


The next letter is an “N” giving us “WIN” for what that’s worth. Here’s the video:

So we have glowing lights in the background, reflected in some kind of surface that shows no reaction to the fingers being drawn across it. We have an increase in intensity which could indicate some kind of mixing. Possibilities on Facebook that I liked have included something to do with the Wintargatan Marble Machine or simple that “Winter is coming…”. Someone suggested in a comment to the last clue that it could be some kind of all-embracing system. Maybe networking audio or wireless audio/MIDI technology that would change the game – something that would perhaps take 30 years to develop. But, essentially we’re still as clueless as ever. Let’s hope it’s not a long word.

Now, where’s that beer?

More information

  • Behringer Facebook post.

12 responses to “Clue #3 – Behringer for the WIN?”

  1. Bilge Dasto says:

    I think you were right yesterday – its a Korg M1, same font, same 30 years old, same piano/guitar/synth sounds. The fingers brushing against a glossy back piano?

  2. nunu says:


  3. aaa says:

    Ahhh… a full size studio console based entirely on touch interface 馃槈

  4. blindelf says:

    at least now we know it isn’t a Nintendo Wii clone

  5. Jonisio says:

    Object based touch sensitive modular music system….

  6. Hmmm… Beer…windows….more like WINE…in a glass.A 30 year vintage wine….

  7. aaa says:

    Hmmm… You say Korg M1 clone? But who would need such obsolete cheesy sounds anymore?
    A workstation? It makes sense, probably even with touch screen interface.
    But it has to go beyond M1….

  8. beatclip says:

    Hm, 30 years in the making. A reliable mixer in good quality?

  9. aaa says:

    Hmmm… if you check clue 2, there are lots of icons flying around. They represent every category in music, from instruments, to PA, to DJ, to consoles, even cable plugs… So it definitely is not just a synth or any independent instrument. It has to be more than that.

  10. James says:

    Got to be a sampling workstation such as the Roland W30. All those icons in clue 2 point to sampling. It will have a keybed – hence the black glossy piano reference. Very exciting!

  11. ChrisM says:

    Maybe he’ll do an end-run and it’s TWIN ? It does have the M1 font though…..

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