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Michigan Synth Works Chronovore

Michigan Synth Works Chronovore  ·  Source: Michigan Synth Works

MSW has taken on a 1:1 smd recreation of the classic Roland TB-303 sequencer and packed it into the 24HP Chronovore Eurorack module with the perfect choice of buttons and tempo knob.


Apparently the characters at the top translate from Japanese Katakana to “Time Eater” which I think reinterprets to “Chronovore” really well. Chronovore is a neat and tidy recreation of everything we love and hate about the 303-style sequencer. It’s all there, the notes, the buttons, the accents, the stepping action and the methodical approach to building a sequence. The space on the front panel says to me that it’s not going to be too fiddly to use.

MSW says that it runs an emulation of the original code via a Pixie CPU but it’s also compatible with Quicksilver and Sonic Potions CPUs. These are all processors that can run the Roland TB-303 software and drop into the old Bassline machines as replacements.

For Eurorack connectivity you get Gate, CV and Accent outputs plus a Run input, Clock input and there’s a socket labelled MIDI but before we get too excited it’s just for MIDI clock.

The price of Chronovore is $330. It’s not up on the website yet but I’m sure full details and demonstrations will be along soon.

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