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Sampleson Brushify Pro

Sampleson Brushify Pro  ·  Source: Sampleson

Sampleson Brushify Pro

Sampleson Brushify Pro  ·  Source: Sampleson

I love a brushed kit and it seems to be something of a rarity in sample packs and drum instruments. Sampleson is looking to redress the balance while hoping to reproduce some of the technique that’s unique to drumming with brushes.

Brushify Pro

Brushify is based on samples and modelling techniques and offers, to my ears at least, a pretty authentic brushed drumming experience. It’s a simple enough idea to sample a regular 8-piece drum kit being hit with brushes, but Sampleson has also included samples and control over how the snare drum is not just struck, but swept with those brushes.


The mapping of the drums follows the usual convention but where you normally have snare hits you have these combined with sweeps across the surface of the snare which continue as you hold the note. Other samples of just the sweeping without the initial hit can be found further up the keyboard.

On the scalable interface you also have control over the width of the sound, pan position, level and resonance. You can turn the sweeping on and off and dictate the level, length and width. It’s simple, easy, comes with 5 presets and does what it says for an introductory price of $39.

I love this already and it’s the only kit I’m ever going to using from now on!

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