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Behringer SL 84C, BA 85A, SL 85S, SB 78A

Behringer SL 84C, BA 85A, SL 85S, SB 78A  ·  Source: Behringer


A dynamic vocal mic for 11 bucks? Are you kidding me? Well, the new Behringer SL 84C is just that, and the other three mics the company has just announced aren’t much more expensive, either. The Behringer SL 84C, BA 85A, SL 85S and SB 78A bear a striking resemblance to various classics from Shure, yet all four of them together can be had for less than 90 US dollars. Let’s see what’s going on with the new Behringer microphones.


Behringer SL 84C

Behringer has built an empire out of ridiculously cheap clones of other companies’ classics, and its new line of microphones fully embraces these roots. Shortly after keeping everyone on their toes with other endeavours like the Poly D synthesizer and WING digital mixer, Behringer has unveiled a series of four new microphones. At prices as low as 11 US dollars, are the Behringer SL84C, BA 85A, SL 85S and SB 78A affordable mics for budget-conscious musicians, or just cheap rip-offs? We’ll have to see!

The Behringer SL84C is the cheapest of the bunch, at an unbelievable USD 11. It’s a dynamic vocal mic with a cardioid polar pattern, which Behringer says delivers a smooth midrange, wide frequency response and transparent sound. The SL 84C  includes a built-in wind pop filter and shock mount to reduce unwanted noise, and Behringer claims that it has a high output level.

The Behringer SL 85S looks almost identical, but comes equipped with an on/off switch. This microphone costs USD 14.80. Think about it: that’s almost four extra dollars for a switch on what looks like the exact same mic. It must be an impressively engineered switch if it accounts for almost a quarter of the microphone’s price!


Behringer BA 85A

Let’s move on to the Behringer BA 85A, which looks shockingly similar to a Shure Beta 58A. This dynamic vocal mic features a supercardioid polar pattern. It can be had for USD 23, which is less than one sixth of the price of the Shure.

The last new microphone is the Behringer SB 78A. This one is a condenser mic with a cardioid polar pattern, which is intended for recording applications, according to Behringer. The company says that it’s good for spoken voice applications and acoustic guitar, and that it features a wide frequency response. The SB 78A has a built-in wind and pop filter and comes with a carrying case. It costs USD 36.10.

We don’t have the exact specifications of the four new Behringer microphones yet, but one thing is certain: the prices are beyond belief. Cut out Starbucks for a couple of days, and you’ve got yourself a new mic.


The Behringer SL 84C, SL 85S, BA 85A and SB 78A microphones are available for pre-order now. They should arrive at your favourite retailer within the next few weeks.

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Behringer SL 84C, BA 85A, SL 85S, SB 78A

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3 responses to “Behringer unveils the SL 84C, a Shure microphone clone for 11 bucks”

    Richard says:

    Damn, if I’d have known I could get “wide frequency response and transparent sound” in a handheld vocal mic for 11 bucks, I never would have spent $999 on my Earthworks SR40V…
    (…after having also previously paid $499 for a Neumann KMS105, and later another $549 for an Audix VX10 – both of which are still fairly good, but not quite transparent enough for my lead vocal channel.)

    aaa says:

    Hmmm… Suspiciously similar to the t.bone MB 78 Beta…

    William Paxson says:

    Probably a better deal than buying a used Shure 58 on Ebay seeing as how it’s a coin toss these days as to whether that used 58 has a $10 Chinese replacement cartridge cause it was previously dropped and broken. Not to mention the subject of communicable disease(s).

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