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BBE mini Sonic Stomp MS-92

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The BBE Sonic Stomp MS92 is a pedalboard-friendly enhancer for your guitar or bass tone and is based on the company’s “sonic maximizer technology”. The MS92 is a scaled-down version of the SS92, with space savings achieved by getting rid of the battery compartment and altering the layout of the circuitry.


BBE are well known for making enhancer pedals. They describe the new Sonic Stomp MS92 as “like lifting a blanket off your amp”, which sounds like the kind of thing we all want. But how do they aim to achieve this?

First, let’s look at the controls. The MS92 has a dual concentric pot on the front, with two controls. One is for the low frequencies, and is labelled Lo Contour, while the other processes the treble frequencies, and is labelled Process. This effect can either be used in a subtle way to attenuate and enhance your sound or as a more extreme effect.

More than EQ

What is it actually doing to your sound? BBE want to give you a more controlled way of enhancing your tone, letting you add lows, for example, without swamping the highs and visa versa. MS92 processes the harmonic content, rather than just boosting an EQ band. It wants to keep your original guitar or bass tone, but put it on a powerful course of steroids. It’s achieved by using “frequency-dependent time alignment with integrated amplitude compensation”, which sounds pretty impressive.

The demo video from BBE below gives you a good example of what to expect, though it has a demo of the bigger sibling rather than the new miniature version. If you need to improve your sound, but finding EQs aren’t working for you , then perhaps you should check out the MS92.


RRP Sonic Stomp Mini MS-92 USD $145

Full specifications of the BBE Sonic Stomp can be found here


BBE mini Sonic Stomp MS-92

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