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Klevgränd Baervaag FM synth

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Klevgränd are one of my favourite virtual instrument producers. They have a style and palette of both sound and interface that really resonate with me. Cool simple instruments with a sublime, refreshing control panel. Their latest one is their simplification of FM synthesis called Baervaag, which, according to the somewhat hilarious video could be pronounced in all sorts of ways.



Apparently it’s Swedish for “Carrier” which nicely describes this synths single carrier and modulator oscillators. An FM synthesizer would normally have several carriers and modulators. The Yamaha DX7, for instance, has 6 operators which can be either modulators or carriers. In Baervaag it’s fixed as one of each.

Both the modulator and the carrier can be sine or square wave and are able to be pulse width modulated between the two. The wonderfully hand -drawn interface gives you an XY pad control over the morphing and PWM for each oscillator. Each one also has its own ADSR envelope. There’s a built in “wobble factor” which adds a certain amount of unpredicatability to the sound. At the end of the signal chain there’s a chorus control to add a bit more depth to the sound.

That’s it really. Simple and straight forward controls over a decent sount set, just like the rest of their range. Worth checking out if you’ve not come across them before.


Baervaag works with Windows, MacOS and iOS and is $12.99 on the desktop and $4.99 on the tablet. More information can be found on the Klevgränd website.

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Klevgränd Baervaag FM synth

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