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Audiobulb Auxture

Audiobulb Auxture  ·  Source: Audiobulb

Auxture is a unique experimental sampler that enjoys toying with folders of samples by modulation, randomness and gestures.


Designed by Francesco Maccario and released by Audiobulb Records, Auxture brings a kaleidoscope of sample manipulation to a bright and breezy desktop instrument and Max For Live device. You can either drop in a single sample and play with the sampler settings, modulations, effects and filters or drop in an entire folder of samples and sit back and enjoy the chaos.

When Auxture receives a note it goes through an exploratory process to find a suitable (or unsuitable) outcome:

  1. It chooses a random sample from its memory according to a freely settable probability.
  2. It then plays it back with a rate proportional to the pitch, for example:
    1. C3 = rate 1 (real pitch)
    2. C4 = speed 2 (twice the original pitch)
    3. C2 = speed 0.5 (half of the original pitch).
  3. The volume corresponds to the velocity of the note.
  4. An amplitude envelope is applied to the sample. The ADSR time depends on the length of the sample it acts on (e.g. attack = 50% means that the attack section of the envelope will last half the total length of the sample).
  5. Every sample is dynamically positioned in the stereo field creating trajectories in space.

Sounds like fun! You also get to play with envelopes, delay, FM, Ring Mod, distortion, reverb and a pair of multimode filters. The recent 1.2 update also brings in sequencing and a sampling function.

While you can influence the outcome and set some parameters the idea is that most things happen by chance and the “results open up a unique portrayal of your sound.” Which is a concept I really like.

Auxture comes with a bank of 115 samples to get you started but I imagine it really comes to life once you get it working on your own recordings. It’s available for £20 standalone or as a Max-For-Live device for Ableton Live on macOS or Windows – no VST version at this time.

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  1. Audiobulb says:

    New version 1.2 with sequencer, audio record function – big update!

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