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Even if you’re a home recording enthusiast, you’re probably already aware that room acoustics are the first and major concern. Unfortunately though, some may not have the luxury to install permanent acoustic treatment. Some walls simply can’t be drilled or marked, so what can you do besides building time-consuming frames? Auralex may have the answer with another addition for their MAX stand range: the Studio6.


I’ve been asked for my opinion time and time again by small studio owners and friends interested in home recording about how they can get better recordings. Often they believe they need better quality equipment, which can, of course, by a contributing factor. However, going back to basics and treating your room can be the best investment. All too often problems lie in the lower frequencies, especially those working in smaller than ideal rooms. But what if you can’t attach something to the wall?


Auralex’s new Studio6, is a 6″ thick acoustic panel designed for use as a bass trap treating frequencies of 40Hz and above. Although only 2′ by 4′, in small rooms you probably won’t need many to hear the benefits. The Studio6 can be mounted to walls or corners permanently, or via Auralex optional MAX-stands.

Auralex have been around since 1977, and are still one of the best manufacturers of acoustic treatment solutions. I’m always recommending their products and I’m confident the Studio6 will prove to be practical and effective.

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